Meet the Team

Multi Data Lab Team

Dr. Vandana Janeja

Principal Investigator – Multi Data Lab

Vandana Janeja is Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development in the College of Engineering and Information Technology, Professor of Information Systems department at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). She served as chair of Information Systems department from 2019-2023. She is the director of iHARP, an NSF HDR Institute for Harnessing Data and Model Revolution in the Polar Regions. Her research with a current $15 Million grant portfolio is centered in the area of data science with a focus on spatio-temporal mining, data heterogeneity across multiple domain datasets. She heads the Multi Data lab at UMBC which brings together important societal projects such as climate change, ethics in data science, misinformation detection and security through the lens of her research in data science.

She is member of the UMBC ADVANCE Executive committee focusing on diversity in STEM and is a member of the ADVANCE leadership cohort (2020-2021), and an ELATES at Drexel leadership fellow (2021-2022). She is a UMBC innovation fellow (2020-2022) advancing the ideas of including ethics in data science. She served as an expert at NSF supporting data science activities in the CISE directorate (2018-2021). She also served as AAAS S&TP fellow in the Office of the Assistant Director in the Directorate of Computer Information Systems and Engineering (CISE) at NSF (2017-2018). During the fellowship, she helped with the visioning and coordination of cross directorate activities for Harnessing the Data Revolution Big Idea at NSF including Data Science Corps and Open Knowledge Network among others and, related activities in the CISE directorate including Cloud Access.

She has published in various refereed conferences such as ACM SIGKDD, SIAM Data Mining, IEEE ICDM, IEEE ISI and journals such as IEEE TKDE, DMKD, KAIS and IDA. Her research has been funded through federal, state and private organizations including NSF, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, MD State Highway Administration, CISCO. She holds a Ph.D. in Information Technology from Rutgers University. She completed her MBA from Rutgers University and MS in Computer Science from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Bayu Adhi Tama

PhD students

  • Noshaba Bhalli
  • Akila Sampath (Co advisor)
  • Atefeh Jebeli
  • Maloy Kumar Devnath (Co advisor)
  • Tolulope Ale
  • Francis Nji (Co advisor)
  • Zhara Khanjani,
  • Ira Winkler,
  • Chhaya Kulkarni,
  • Saydeh Karabatis,

Masters students

Anna Tuz, 2022


Undergraduate Students

Current students: Data Science Scholars


High Schoolers

Kiffy Nwosu, Mt Hebron High school, 2022-2023


PhD Alumni

Dr. Faisal Quader, President, Technuf Inc.

Dr. Mohammad Alodadi, Bioinformatics Analyst NCIatFrederick, NIH, Leidos Inc.

Dr. Ali Azari, Senior Advisor, Machine Learning, CVS Pharmacy

Dr. Josephine Namayanja, Assistant Professor at University of Massachusetts, Boston

Dr. Yanan Sun, Data Scientist, Booz Allen Hamilton

Dr. Lei Shi, Director of Engineering – Tinder, Inc.

Dr. Mike McGuire, Associate Professor – Towson University (Advisors Drs. Janeja, Gangopadhyay)



Masters Alumni

Henanksha Sainani, Jun-2018

Prathamesh Walkikar, Dec-2016

Vasundhara Misal, Oct-2016

Anuja Kench, May-2015

Akshay Grover, May-2015

Jay Gholap, Dec-2015

Kundala Das, Aug-2013

Prerna Mohod, May-2012

Abdulrahman Alothaim, May-2012

Revathi Palanisamy, May-2010

Peng He, Dec-2010

Mukta Gupta, Dec-2008

Undergraduate Alumni

Mishelle Hernandez, Vulnerability association mining, REU student, Summer 2021

Olisa Okolo, Trajectory data mining, Summer 2021

Adam Goldstein, Pedagogy of Ethical Data Science, Summer 2021

Gabrielle Watson, Cyber Scholar, Deep Fake Detection, 2020-2021

Aminat Alabi, Bias in cybersecurity solutions, 2020

Mackenzie Harwood, Ethical thinking in Data Science, Summer 2020

Adrian Reyes, Data Analytics for anomaly detection using Tensor flow on Google cloud, Fall 2019

Jarrett Early, Cloud based anomaly detection, Spring 2018

Alfonso Delayney, McNair Scholar Program – Evaluating Gait Monitoring and Fall Management Technologies, Spring 2013

David Lewis, Project 1: An Empirical Evaluation of Similarity Coefficients, Project 2: Web Mining and Visualization, role: Research Advisor, Spring 2009

Brian Lewis, MinDS: A two-phased approach to Mining for Document Similarity, Spring 2009

Joy Pemberton, Classification for Spatial Neighborhood Discovery, Spring 2009