Data Analytics for Cybersecurity


Data Analytics for Cybersecurity, Vandana P. Janeja

Supplementary Materials

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 (Slides) : Introduction (pdf)

Chapter 2 (Slides): Understanding sources of Cybersecurity data (Chapter 2 pdf)

Chapter 3 (Chapter 3-1 (Slides), Chapter 3-2 (Slides)): Introduction to Data Mining: Clustering, Classification, and Association Rule Mining (Chapter 3-1 pdf) (Chapter 3-2 pdf)

Chapter 4 (Slides):  Big Data Analytics and Its Need for Cybersecurity (Chapter 4 pdf)

chapter 5 (Slides): Types of Cyberattacks (Chapter 5pdf)

Chapter 6 (Slides): Anomaly Detection for Cybersecurity (Chapter 6 pdf)

Chapter 7 (Slides): Anomaly Detection (Chapter 7 pdf)

Chapter 8 (Slides): Cybersecurity through Time Series and Spatial Data (Chapter 8 pdf)

Chapter 9 (Slides): Cybersecurity through Network and Graph Data (Chapter 9 pdf)

Chapter 10 (Slides): Human-Centered Data Analytics for Cybersecurity (Chapter 10 pdf)

Chapter 11(Slides): Future Directions in Data Analytics for Cybersecurity (Chapter 11 pdf)



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